Getting physician feedback on ventilator splitter with Facebook live session

Using a ventilator splitter is never option 1. Its a last resort option, when a patient desperately needs a ventilator and you don’t have one to offer. Covid-19 has placed us in such a situation.

In order for a ventilator splitter to actually be adopted at a time of need, a physician in an ICU needs to understand how it works and make the decision to use it. This cannot happen till we have an open dialog with physicians, demo the splitter to them, answer their questions, incorporate it into our design, and help them get access to splitters.

Our original plan was to mail the splitter across India and get feedback. But given curfew, we are doing the next best thing: a live session for doctors to learn about the splitter and give feedback. Details of Facebook session are below.

Title: Getting Ready for Covid-19 Surge: Demo of Prototype Ventilator Splitter

Time: Saturday 11am IST (or Sat 5.30am GMT)

URL for event tomorrow

Session led by: Dr. Sonal Asthana, Dr. Prakash Doraiswamy & Dr. Arun Ventakaraman of CMI Aster Hospital, Bangalore

Session Description: The doctors at CMI Aster Hospital have been 3D printing and testing a prototype ventilator splitter. Original design is from here. They have further refined it with valves to adjust flow for individual patients, and to stop cross contamination. They will demo the splitter, discuss its usage, how you can 3D print it on your own, or get access in other ways.

There will also be a question / answer session where you will have a chance to ask questions.

  • Who should attend this live session
  • ICU Physicians who use ventilators
  • Other interested physicians
  • 3D printers interested in this topic
  • Any companies interested in manufacturing
  • Anyone else interested