Covid Heroes is a doctor-led response to the upcoming surge in ventilator requirements in Indian ICUs. We plan to help doctors / hospitals expand ventilator capacity by sourcing 3D printed valves and splitters for ventilators from 3D printing facilities in their city, and providing an online space where doctors can share best practices as they use these parts.

We are glad there are efforts by several teams / individuals to 3D print and plan to work with others who have efforts in the same space. Overall our goal is to help doctors get access to more printing options.

Project Goals & Progress So Far

  • 3D-print valves and other parts to improve usage of current equipment:

So far we have printed the following valve. The valve is being tested at Aster CMI Hospital in Bangalore. We are distributing valves free of charge to medical professionals. We can print other valves and adapters if you can provide a sample valve (or even better, a CAD file). 

  • 3D-print splitters for existing ventilators:

We are currently investigating a 2-way and a 4-way splitter for ventilator (a Circuit Splitter / Flow Restriction Device). We have a prototype and have started testing it. The design is inspired by

Medical professionals can get in touch with us for getting valves and splitters by getting in touch below or on our WhatsApp group.

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Who is behind Covid Heroes?

The team behind Covid Heroes:

-Dr. Sonal Asthana at CMI Aster Hospital, in Bangalore, India. He has the help of his colleagues at the hospital.

-Rashmi Sinha, Amit Ranjan and Jonathan Boutelle. They are the ex founders of SlideShare and and are collaborating with Dr. Sonal Asthana on this project.